Joy Learning


Joy Learning provides lessons for children ages 5 to 16 every Saturday from 1pm to 3pm. Subjects covered include maths, english, science and 11+ preparation.



  • Talented & trained tutors - Our tutors are high performing students from a range of academic backgrounds and interests, trained to create challenge and promote progress.
  • 2 to 4 students per tutor - We create the perfect balance of independent learning and tutor support. Our students work in groups of 2, 3 or 4 depending on their individual needs
  • Regular Feedback - We send text message feedback of achieved learning outcomes and all homework that has been set.
  • Personalised Learning - We make sure that each child has their own specific targets and learns at their own pace within the group.
  • Pay As You Go - We would hate for your child to miss that birthday party - we won't charge you for any absences. Just let us know when you'll be back.
  • Sibling Discounts - Tutoring can be expensive for large families, our sibling discount eases the burden by providing up to 25% off for siblings attending 2 hours each.


Attending a free assessment is a great opportunity to receive free information about your child's academic progress and what topics they need extra support in e.g. division, multiplication, punctuation. 
During the free assessment, your child will be given short sampling tests in english and maths, we will answer any questions you may have and also offer advice on what you can do moving forward, the test results are emailed to you to have a look at later.

Book a free assessment here :-

Joy Learning's first lesson was held at the Clockhouse Community Centre in March 2014 and since then we have worked with over 300 children from Greenwich Borough. We have supported students through GCSE Exams, SATs and have numerous 11+ passes to be proud of. 
The lessons are led each Saturday by Joy Liasu, a Science Teacher with 10 years experience in children's education. She is supported each Saturday by qualified professionals and trained tutors who know how to motivate children and boost progress. 
Please feel welcome to give us a call, email us or pop in for a chat for more information. 
0203 189 1224 (8:30 to 6:00pm - Mon to Sat)